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Passionate, experienced, & dedicated health care. Dale is committed & focused on helping you to unlock your inner health & vitality.

Serving Geelong since 2007, Dale practises with a focus on family health and chronic pain.  Dale has an extensive training in traditional Osteopathic medicine.  Treatment is directed towards your individual needs, and is especially suited to infants, children, pregnancy, and chronic or complex conditions.  

I am a family oriented health practitioner with a strong individual patient focus. I have 20 years experience and training in traditional Osteopathy. This type of work has always been one my life's greatest passions.


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 Osteopaths use their hands to synchronise and communicate with the indwelling healing forces in the patient.  It is an art, science, and philosophy.  The diagnosis is not based on just medical knowledge, but rather the picture of the whole person.   Treatment is always aimed at the renewal of health and its expression in the whole patient, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  With the right application, we aim to restore the normal relationship between structure and function, to support normal physiology and health.  


Osteopathic treatment with Dale will attempt to restore balance throughout the whole organism, and in doing so promote health in physiology and tissue.  Dale’s approach will attempt to get to the diagnosis and treatment by listening to the tissues and fluids of the body, he body’s internal workings.  Dale always works towards finding and treating the underlying cause, in order to re-establish a place where the whole can come back into to balance.  


Dale’s primary role as health practitioner is to find Health, not disease.  The health in the system is where the power comes through to create the change necessary for healing, and normal growth and development.  This means we need to listen to the innate intelligence of the body, and use our hands to co-operate with the intention this intelligence has with its constant movement towards the expression of normal structure and function.  


We treat you as a person, not a number. Our approach is always individualistic, and never templated. Starting with the whole person is how we are able to get the best results. Our initial consultation is about how we begin to understand you, and ultimately find your health.

Our diagnostics begin with listening.  We listen to your story, and begin to develop a picture of your overall health.  This picture is important, as it represents you and your life journey.   It also allows us to further hone in on problem areas, or any red flags that show up.


We move from listening to asking any relevant questions. This is an Osteopathic case history, as such. Questions are still very individualised, and specific to whatever has showed up thus far in the initial conversation. These will help lead us further into knowing where to start with the treatment.

We may then ask you some further questions around your general health and wellbeing, and a more complete history that covers all the aspects of your state of health, both past and present. We will also ask you your goals with treatment, and what you would like to get out of the consultation.


Osteopathic treatment varies significantly, depending on the presentation, and the preference for treatment modalities from the patient and the practitioner.

If you have a treatment preference, based on past experience or just a personal preference, please let us know.  We will be happy to do what we can to accommodate your needs.  If the practitioner you’re seeing  any issues, they will chat with you so you can work out a solution together.  We are here to help you.

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Dale Wilson

Dr Dale Wilson


Dale has been working and studying Osteopathic medicine for over 20 years.  Throughout this time, Osteopathy and its deeper truths have been a central focus in his life and in his service to the community.  Like many people, Dale didn’t know what Osteopathy entailed until he received a treatment.  This experience had a huge influence on his whole being, igniting a passion for Osteopathy as a form of healing and service that has burned brightly throughout his career. 

Since completing his formal studies at RMIT in 2004, Dale’s post graduate study has focused on a Biodynamic approach to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, a specific approach to Osteopathy.  This approach to manual medicine has shown Dale what is possible when the practitioner is truly neutral and free to “listen” with their hands, aligning with the intention of the healing process that is already present in the patient.  

This approach can work well with many conditions, both acute and chronic, and is particularly helpful in the treatment of pregnancy, infants and children.  Dale enjoys treating a vast array of presentations, and loves the opportunity to see people in a family focused orientation. 

In his downtime, Dale likes to relax in the garden and the forest where he lives with his wife and his dogs, swimming together in the ocean, and enjoying time to contemplate nature and awareness. 


Long Tide retreat is a wonderful healing space that both Dale and Jackie run as a guest house in Skenes Creek. The guest house is situated 5 minutes back off the great ocean road, high in the hills amongst the tall trees in the Otway National Park. The location is magical, the views are stunning, and the retreat space is so relaxing.

The guest house as an adjunct to Osteopathic care, has been a vision of Dale’s for many years. It is his hope and his wish that this space will allow people to come and get treated, and access deep rest. Dale believes this combination allows the individual the best opportunity to heal, and to get the most out of the dynamic exchange that occurs during a treatment.

Along with being supplied with some fresh seasonal organic food from the self-sufficient garden, the guest/s will be free to take walks through the 170-acre property. Soaks in the magical rain water fed bath, warmth from the wood fire, and rest in the comfortable king bed.

It’s an opportunity to look after you.


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