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We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole.

-A. T. Still MD, DO
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Alternative Healing

Long Tide Osteopathic Retreat

When treatment takes place, whether it be for an acute or a chronic presentation, the biggest responsibility of the patient is towards rest. Self-care is imperative to the healing process. Today’s society pace often simply doesn’t allow people to step back, and look after themselves the way their health is asking them to.

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Finding Health

Finding Health Osteopathy Clinic

Osteopathy is a wonderful vehicle for service, and with the right approach, application, and integrity, can be used to ease the suffering of humanity. It is our hope to do so, and to continue the legacy of those who have passed on this wonderful discipline over 150 years.

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About Osteopathy

Our primary role as health practitioners is to find Health, not disease. The health in the system is where the power comes through to create the change necessary for healing, and normal growth and development.

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