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An osteopath reasons from his knowledge of anatomy. He compares the work of the abnormal body with the normal body.


Dale Wilson

Dr Dale Wilson


Dale has had a deep love for Osteopathy from the moment he was introduced to it over 20 years ago.  Like many people, Dale didn’t know what Osteopathy entailed until he received a treatment.  This encounter proved to be a light bulb moment and a real game changer for Dale, igniting a passion in him that has burned bright ever since.  

Dale’s post graduate study has expanded over 16 years, and has focused on what is called Biodynamic Osteopathy, a specific approach to Osteopathy in the cranial field.  This softer approach to manual medicine has shown Dale what is possible when the practitioner is neutral and free to “listen” with their hands.  This approach aligns with the intention of the healing process that is already present in the patient.  

Dale practices Osteopathy in accordance with traditional Osteopathic principles.  To him, these principles are both simple and profound, and must be fully lived to be understood.  Dale loves the opportunity to treat whatever walks in the door, without any bias or preference.  He always feels a tremendous privilege to be a part of the treatment exchange and healing process.  A focus on family health has seen this privilege extend to the treatment of all ages, and in particular the treatment of children.  

Dale has a deep love and reverence for nature, and lives in relative solitude in the Otways, along the great ocean road.  Dale spends almost all his spare time outside in nature, in and around the ocean and forest where he lives.  He is very much a lover of gardening, and the sheer peace that emanates from working with flowers and plants.  

Dale and his wife Jackie have planted a huge garden and an extensive food forest on their property.  They are keen followers of biodynamic and permaculture gardening principles, and as such they also love to keep bees and chickens.  Together they run a guest house in the Otways called Long Tide retreat.  They share their home with 3 beautiful dogs.  Freckles, Frankie, and Phoenix are chocolate Labrador retrievers, and they bring incredible joy wherever they roam.  Sometimes they come into the clinic.

Dale has had many personal experiences with the healing process, both directly and indirectly, and sees Osteopathy as a very sacred and potent doorway towards health.  Dale loves people, and he loves to be of service.  He continues to be both motivated and inspired to participate as a positive influence in the health and wellbeing of whomever he encounters.  

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