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Osteopathy is a science. It’s use is in the healing of the afflicted. It is a philosophy which embraces surgery, obstetrics and general practice. Osteopathy is to me a very sacred science. It is sacred because it is a healing power through all Nature.

Finding Health Osteopathy is a clinic founded in response to the increasing demand of those who have become stuck, or lost, in their pursuit of health and wellbeing.  People are in genuine need of help, and Osteopathy is a remarkable vehicle in helping people.   We are here to help you find the health that you have misplaced or forgotten. 

Health can be partly known as a dynamic state of balance between structure and function, and the physiology that takes place within. It is ease of motion, without tension, and the capacity for adaptation, without compensation.  Health has many attributes.  Many can be felt, and all are truly magical.  Osteopathy will help you explore these. 

However, it is not simply a physical or mechanical state, and not only our capacity to heal.  Health can be understood as your sense of normal, body and mind, as one expression.  It is your breathing, your presence.  It is your transparency, your luminosity, and your freedom.  It is our essential nature, and our state of being, our sense of Wholeness to Life itself.  It is true peace. 

At Finding Health Osteopathy, we are a holistic Osteopathic practice that looks at treating the underlying cause.  We do this so that the healing process can be harnessed, in order to re-establish a relationship with Health. 

Dale began treating in Geelong in 2007, and since then has built a strong reputation in delivering results for his patients.  The methodology used is often more subtle, and can be so relaxing.

Since moving the clinic space in 2014 to a new premises, Dale has been able to share a work environment with some equally enthusiastic Osteopaths, whom all have the same common goals in mind. 

Together, Dale, Caroline, and Jamie, are focused, dedicated, and passionate about their service to the community.  We love to serve, and care for those in need.  It is the reason we do what we do. 

We love to treat all ages and all types of presentations, and we feel privileged to treat whoever walks in the door.  We pride ourselves on seeing large variety of patients and conditions.  Importantly for our patients, we truly enjoy what we do. 

As a clinic that focuses on the more subtle art of Osteopathy, our special interest is in the treatment of infants, children and pregnancy. We also have a keen interest in the treatment and care of all of those who fall between the cracks in health care, especially chronic conditions that may present as complex. 

Naturally, each practitioner at our practice has his or her preferences for treatment of certain presentations.  Our reception staff will be sure to guide you in the direction that fits best for you.

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